Crypto Justice Pool

Ticker – CJ01

Why Us?

We are a US Cardano stake pool. Experienced in data centers, server maintenance, server security, and SaaS startups. Our pool has low fees, Robust and Secure architecture. We are passionate about Cardano and the possibilities it provides.

Pool Pledge

The Crypto Justice Pool has Pledged 50,000 ADA.

How You’re Protected

Funds are never risked when staking with a pool. Unlike other proof of stake networks, your ADA is never locked and rewards are automatically paid out by the protocol after staking for +2 epochs. Rewards are sent directly to your stake wallet – no need for payout insurance or no need to worry about if a pool is going to pay you or not.

Pool Parameters

Pool has a 1.0% fee.
Cardano implemented a minimum pool cost of 340 ADA. There is no way around this for any stake pool. This amount is subtracted from the total pool rewards after each epoch (5 days on mainnet), and then the rewards are divided between the delegators.